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Farayi Sophia Malek given a global opportunity

Micah Stevens/Janae Nilo release new single

River Merrill/Janae Nilo duo project "Cactus Coy" releases new EP

River Merrill solo project, "Weatherboy"

Daniel Fox/Raener

Nobody is going to hear your music unless you do something about it. And that would be sad on several fronts. It would be sad for you. And it would be sad for the people who need to hear your music.

"When I started working with Justin I had very little experience with music. Now I can't go anywhere without singing and expressing myself. I never want to put my guitar down."


"This experience opened so many doors for me. It gave me the knowledge, the tools, the direction, and the confidence to create something really meaningful."


"This is an accepting environment. You can make mistakes and everyone is okay with that because it is how you learn. That's important because then you feel like you can really express yourself."